Complete Belt Knife Grinder Wheel Set, 6" Drive Wheel, 4" Tracking Wheel, pair of 2" Idler Wheels

This Listing is for a Complete knife grinder wheel set.  It includes 6" drive Wheel (with your choice of  5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8" or 24 mm BORE, PLEASE SELECT BORE DIAMETER BEFORE ADDING ITEMS TO CART.) , 4" tracking wheel, and two 2" idler wheels.
The descriptions of the items are as follows.
These wheels are made of billet 6061 aluminum right here in the USA on a precision CNC lathe center.
The 2" wheels are 2" in diameter and 2" wide. They have pressed in sealed radial ball bearings and contoured edges to aid with belt tracking (these wheels are typically used with a flat platen attachment on the belt grinder)  There is a spacer between the bearing to help prevent over tightening. 
The 4" tracking Wheel is 4" diameter and 2.5" wide.  It is crowned to help with belt tracking and it also has the spacer between the bearings to prevent over tightening.
The inside diameter of all bearings used is 1/2". Make sure the Method you use to mount the wheels (I just use a 1/2 bolt with no washer and a nut on the other side) does not make contact with the inner and outer races on the bearings at the same time causing it to bind. 
The Drive Wheel is 6" diameter and 2.25" wide.  It is crowned to help with belt tracking.
Please Buy With Confidence!
I have sold THOUSANDS of knife grinder wheels to buyers all over the world, with ZERO complaints!  I sell these EXACT wheels to a number of Professional  Knife Belt Grinder Manufacturers for use on the grinders they sell.  These wheels include a spacer between the bearings to prevent over tightening that may cause damage to your bearings (this is very important).
 You will receive ONE COMPLETE SET that include 6" drive wheel, 4"tracking wheel, and two 2" idler wheels.