Flat Platen With 2 PIECES Pyroceram Glass For KMG Knife Belt Grinder, With Shelf

This Listing Includes 2 PIECES of pyroceram glass as it is a good idea to have one as a back-up
This Flat platen can be use in the construction of a knife belt grinder. Or used on your existing KMG grinder platen. 
This Platen is made out of cold rolled steel and the dimension are 8.25" x 2" x 3/8" thick.  The spacing of the 1/4"-20 mounting holes is 6.75" 
This Platen has a Shelf at the bottom edge to help support the pyroceram glass.  I am including TWO piece of pyroceram glass that you will need to install using the method of your choosing ( I used JB WELD on mine)

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