3 PACK- 7.75" Pyroceram Glass Platen Liner For KNIFEMAKING Grinder. Ceramic

3 Pack of Ceramic Platen Liner .194" thick and 7.75” Long . This is the perfect size to fit my KMG replacement platen with shelf.

This is ceramic fireplace glass. Also Known as “neoceram”  “pyroceram” “Pyrex” etc.

 It holds up very well to heat and thermal shock.

Use this on your flat platen to provide a very slick, smooth surface for your belt to ride over.

You must mount this glass to your Platen before use!  I used JBWELD ORIGINAL on my platen.  But Do your research on the internet and figure out what works best for you. 

This is Glass and as such it has sharp edges. Please don’t cut yourself.

When mounting this glass on your platen it is best to attach a shelf at the bottom of the platen plate in order to support the glass.der to supp

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